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In these days of the economic downturn, The Government warn that car crime is set to increase. This will increase the price of car insurance at renewal time.

The Association of British Insurers state that premiums can be cut dramatically by fitting a Thatcham approved security device.. many insurers provide insurance discounts of up to 10% when an approved device is fitted.

Thatcham was established in 1969 by British Insurers. Thatcham provide 70% of the data that insurers use to define a car’s insurance grouping.

How Secure Is Your Vehicle? – New Vehicle Security Ratings

To find out how Thatcham rate the security of the vehicle you are interested in, just click the link

This will take you to the Thatcham website where you will be able to check the security star rating of any vehicle, for its vulnerability to “theft from” and “theft of” incidents.

The site will also advise all of the recommended Thatcham security and tracking devices.

We hope such an incident will never happen to you, but the sad fact is that the efforts of police and the vehicle security industry will not deter the determined criminal.

How would you cope without transport if your car was stolen?

Theft Protect provides the solution, a like-for-like replacement vehicle for up to 28 days in the event of  the unfortunate theft of your vehicle.

For more details of the product and how you can obtain cover now, check out the other pages on this blog or visit

If you have specific enquiries about the product, please email us at or enter your query in the comment box below.


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Car Insurance – Ask For Theft Protect To Be Included

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Sadly, because most UK motorists do not know the facts and myths about courtesy cars, when they take out a car insurance policy, they are blissfully unaware that they are not covered in the event of a theft incident. Most UK motorists believe that courtesy cars will always be available in any eventuality.

Not so!

The fact is, that courtesy cars are usually provided by crash repair centres, not insurance companies. They are only provided if the repairer is guaranteed the repair to your own damaged vehicle.

A large percentage of cars that are stolen in the UK are never restored to their owner, or recovered beyond economical repair. In these cases, no courtesy car is provided under normal circumatances. In any event, if your car is stolen, typically it might be 10-14 days before it is recovered, if at all, which means you will be immobile until help comes along.

MYTH: Every customer who has their vehicle stolen in the UK will be provided a replacement vehicle by their insurance company.

FACT: It is remarkable that only a small number of insurance companies offer any kind of solution, leaving the vast majority of the 30 million UK motorists exposed.

MYTH: But surely I will get a courtesy vehicle?

FACT: No courtesy vehicle will be provided whilst your car remains un-recovered (typically 10 – 14 days) and NOT when your vehicle is written off.

Theft Protect was created to fill the gap that exists in the UK courtesy car marketplace. 

Theft Protect is an insurance policy, available from any one of our FSA authorised insurance brokers, finance companies or motor dealers.

The policy provides a like-for-like replacement vehicle for up to 28 days in the event that your car is stolen or written off.  Theft Protect fills the gap that courtesy car programs do not.

That’s what this blog is all about, drawing attention to the courtesy car loophole for the benefit of the UK motoring public. 

This blog isn’t just a blatant opportunity to advertise Theft Protect. Yes, we would be delighted to introduce you to one of our authorised intermediaries so that you can make sure you are covered should you become an unfortunate victime of car crime. This blog is more than that though. Through these pages and the posts we will send out from them, we will be advising you, the UK motorist, of car crime levels in your area on a regular basis. This will be supplemented by local car crime news stories and police/security initiatives to combat crime. We will keep you appraised of the crime rate in your area in comparison to national averages, so that you know if your area is a high, average or low crime risk area for car theft incidents.

We will keep you appraised of which vehicle models are most susceptible to theft incidents and the insurance industry recommended vehicle security. If  a topic is relevant to car crime in the UK, a page or post will be created to keep you up-to-date.

Every day, we are bombarded with car insurance marketing messages, urging us to choose this or that price comparison site, insurance company or broker. Whilst we will not be yet another car insurance sales medium, we will keep you appraised of events within the industry that are of particular interest and relevance.

“Every journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step” 

These pages and the subsequent posts are our first steps in sharing information about the UK Insurance and Motor Trade sectors.

Explore the other pages here to find out more :-

  • Courtesy Cars – The Facts vs The Myths
  • UK Car Crime
  • How Can I Get Theft Protect cover?
  • Contact Us

We welcome any suggestions (keep ‘em clean!) from the motoring public, insurance brokers and companies, motor trade and finance contacts (in fact anyone who has something useful, helpful and informative to share), that will help to keep the UK motorist up to speed about events relevant to insurance and motors.

To find out more visit  or e mail us directly at or post your enquiry or comment below.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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